About Studio Five Photography

We are some of Alberta's best photographers. We work together as a team of highly skilled wedding photographers and creatives to deliver couples that decide to make the intelligent move to work with us awesome wedding photography that they and their family members (and friends) can enjoy till the end of time. That is pretty much Studio Five Photography and what we do as world-class wedding photographers - in a nutshell.


Amazing photographers documenting your love from start to finish
Engagement Photography
Photos of your love
Engagement session photos are beautiful photos you can use for invitation materials and the photos document the beginning of the process of making official your love and commitment.
Wedding Day Photography
The most special and beautiful day of your love
This day will be full of fun, amazing, important, and sentimental moments that you will not want to miss. We will be your eyes.
Other Types Of Photography
Endless moments to capture
We are photographers that love taking photos. So, if you have any special requests, we will be able to accommodate you. Possibilities are endless.