About Studio Five Photography

We are some of Alberta's best photographers. We work together as a team of highly skilled wedding photographers and creatives to deliver couples that decide to make the intelligent move to work with us awesome wedding photography that they and their family members (and friends) can enjoy till the end of time. That is pretty much Studio Five Photography and what we do as world-class wedding photographers - in a nutshell.


Some of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton.

Edmonton Wedding Photography Guide

Things you must know before you hire a wedding photographer

You will search far and wide to find Edmonton wedding photographers and a team as hard-working, in-tune, and committed to delivering amazing photos as us. Sure, there are quite a few talented Edmonton wedding photographers (and adequate hobbyist Edmonton wedding photographers) out there, but they may be a one-man/woman show without systems and processes in place to deliver pure quality for all couples. Not only do we have talented Edmonton wedding photographers, we also have a team whose sole purpose is to make the experience easy for you and deliver you a lifetime of memories.

We capture and create beautiful, emotion infused and memories filled photographs for our clients – before and on their wedding day. That is what and everything we do in an easy to digest sentence and on a macrocosmic level. If you are satisfied with this one sentence explanation then you can leave this section and move on to the other sections of this guide to Edmonton wedding photography. Or, you can go ahead and contact us if you have made your decision and would love to hire us to be your wedding photographers on your wedding day.

We do not want to make the Edmonton wedding photography process more difficult and complex than it already is because we know planning a wedding is extremely difficult because of all the moving parts. We simply want you to know as much about us as possible and as much about wedding photography in Edmonton as possible so that you can pick the best wedding photographer for you. It is your big day, so you matter. Not the wedding photographer…You. The process has to fit your needs and not the other way around.

So, similar to our elite and top Edmonton wedding photography counterparts, our job is to adjust our process to meet the demands of your special love story. That is what we excel at, telling your story by utilizing our wedding photography process. From the engagement photos to in-between love shoots, and the final wedding day photos and shoots, we tailor the process to your needs so your beautiful story blossoms and emerges naturally.