About Studio Five Photography

We are some of Alberta's best photographers. We work together as a team of highly skilled wedding photographers and creatives to deliver couples that decide to make the intelligent move to work with us awesome wedding photography that they and their family members (and friends) can enjoy till the end of time. That is pretty much Studio Five Photography and what we do as world-class wedding photographers - in a nutshell.

About us

We are Studio Five Photography, top wedding photographers in Alberta serving Calgary and Edmonton.

We are a small photography company with big big talent. A wedding photoshoot goes beyond just taking pictures of two people that are in love smiling and laughing. It’s about capturing the moment where love looks to conquer everything else. This is your big day and we make sure you can live the experience through as many times as you want through our photos. We don’t take pictures (and call it a day), we capture experiences and magnify them. So that when you show your children your wedding album and video, you feel the goosebumps of that wonderful day that two different families became one.

Engagement Photo Shoot

Start the beginning of the beginning of the rest of your life on the right foot and with memories of a fun time that will also showcase your love.

Alberta Wedding Photography

the big day requires big talent and all hands on deck to capture unforgettable and heartwarming moments of magic.

Alberta Photography

let us go on an adventure together and take amazing photos that you can showcase and utilize proudly.