About Studio Five Photography

We are some of Alberta's best photographers. We work together as a team of highly skilled wedding photographers and creatives to deliver couples that decide to make the intelligent move to work with us awesome wedding photography that they and their family members (and friends) can enjoy till the end of time. That is pretty much Studio Five Photography and what we do as world-class wedding photographers - in a nutshell.


Beautiful Engagements, Elopments, and Weddings that our wedding photographers have documented.


What you need to know about Calgary wedding photography

We are creatives and artists that love telling love stories. But, we do not tell peoples love stories in conventional ways. We have ditched pens and mics and opted to go with cameras. As creative Calgary wedding photographers and storytellers, we are able to uniquely (and beautifully) mesh picture taking and storytelling in an awesome way if we say so ourselves. We believe that photos, overall work, and effectiveness in telling the unique love stories of couples should be the way that Calgary wedding photographers are evaluated, so we urge you to check out the content, pieces, and stories on our website right now. Let the quality of our wedding photography in Calgary do the talking for us.

Every beautiful love story has a beginning, middle, and an end. we have seen many love stories all over Alberta, Canada, and beyond to know this is the case. It is our job and our pleasure as top Calgary wedding photographers to help you tell your love story from start to finish, in a clear, and aesthetically pleasing way. We think of the beginning of your love story and the ending of the first phase with the wedding day. The start of everything is beautiful and pure and we try and capture that with the engagement shoot and other “love story” style shoots. The end of the start of your love story is effectively your wedding day and like other top Calgary wedding photographers, we work hard to successfully capture amazing images that will preserve the purity, awesomeness, and natural beauty of this day.

We believe that wedding photography in Calgary is all about heartfelt storytelling. It (wedding photography in Calgary) is about pictorially telling love stories of beautiful Calgary couples. Whilst all love stories are beautiful and pure in their own way, yours is the most beautiful and pure to you and your significant other.  We try and tell this story effectively as Calgary wedding photographers and we want to make sure your fairytale story shines through in whatever way you choose to show it; a website, album, or with framed pieces on the walls of your home. Get in touch with us to chat more about what we can do to help make your wedding photography visions become real.